Case Reports

IgA Vasculitis with scrotal involvement - a rare presentation in adults

Ana Filipa Viegas, Andreia Lopes, Sofia Pereira, Catarina Cardoso Almeida, Maria Lima Costa, Joao Pedro Tavares
Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):1-6

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting complicated by post-operative coronavirus infection – two similar presentations with dissimilar outcomes

Alexis Redding, Harideep Samanapally, Mike O. Udoh, Jiapeng Huang, Mark S. Slaughter, Siddharth Pahwa
Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):7-10

Acute meningitis complicated with ventriculitis caused by Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. dysgalactiae

Mariana Guerra, Daniela Marado, Jorge Fortuna
Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):11-14

A rare case of mobile diplopodia mistaken for polydactyly

Timothy Woodacre, Sarah Dunkerley, Peter J. Cox
Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):15-17

‘Patience is a virtue’ – Post-traumatic Axillary Web Syndrome - resolution without intervention

Jaleel Mohammed, Catherine Ash, Jayanti Rai
Arch Clin Cases. 2023; 10(1):18-20

Spontaneous thrombosis of a giant cavernous-carotid aneurysm with simultaneous ipsilateral complete parent artery occlusion: a rare phenomenon and review of the literature

Yousef A.I. Abousedu, Athary Saleem, Saqer Alenezi, Petar Bosnjakovic, Lazar Lazovic, Tarik M. Alsheikh
Arch Clin Cases. 2023; 10(1):21-28

Sevoflurane-Induced Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage

Mohammad Ahmed-Khan, Kayvon Moin, Carly Funk, Mala Sachdev, Mohamed Zakee Mohamed Jiffry
Arch Clin Cases. 2023; 10(1):29-31

Effectiveness of levosimendan and role of cardiac magnetic resonance in cardiogenic shock due to COVID-19 related lymphocytic myocarditis in the course of viral sepsis

Francesco Mangini, Elvira Bruno, Remo Caramia, Roberto Flora, Eluisa Muscogiuri, Antonio Medico, Grazia Casavecchia, Robert W.W. Biederman, Rinaldo Giaccari
Arch Clin Cases. 2023; 10(1):32-38

Ovarian aspergilloma in an immunocompetent patient masquerading as ovarian neoplasm

Gyanendra Singh, Anurag Singh, Anuragani Verma, Yogendra Verma, Neeraj Kumar
Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):39-41

From recurrent rhabdomyolysis in a young adult to carnitine palmitoyltransferase II deficiency

Cristina Marques, Catarina Silva, Carina Silva, Joao Pedro Abreu, Marcia Ribeiro, Arlindo Guimas
Arch Clin Cases. 2023; 10(1):42-46

Acute Aortic Syndrome in a patient with COVID-19

Joao Campos Cunha, Antonio Jose Cruz, Beatriz Madureira, Yolanda Martins, Goncalo Sarmento
Arch Clin Cases. 2023; 10(1):47-49

Non-islet cell tumor hypoglycemia associated with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: Case report and review of the literature

Vikash Kumar, Dhir Gala, Carson Wonders, Sabrin Marowa, Arnold Forlemu, Vijay Gayam, Madhavi Reddy
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(1):50-54