Case Reports

Botulinum toxin as an adjunct for severe Dupuytren’s contracture treated with collagenase injections

Keith A. Denkler, Justin Cheng, Siyou Song, Scott Hansen
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):133-135

A rare presentation of pulmonary thromboembolism as seizure

Toktam Alirezaei, SeyedehFatemeh Mousavi, Hamed Hesami
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):136-139

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma, Not Otherwise Specified – a case report and short literature review

Rafael Henriques Figueiredo, Beatriz Simao Parreira, Pedro Amoroso Canao, Leila Cardoso, Elsa Fonseca, Jorge Almeida
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):140-144

Adult onset Xanthogranuloma presenting as a solitary laryngeal localization: case report and review of literature

Gianluca Velletrani, Beatrice Francavilla, Valentina Rosati, Belen Padial, Lucia Anemona, Stefano Di Girolamo
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):145-149

Lower limb arterial thrombosis followed by sub-massive pulmonary thromboembolism after Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV COVID-19 vaccination

Hamidreza Zaheri, Arda Kiani, Siamak Afaghi, Fatemehsadat Rahimi, Mohammadhossein Banitorfi, Amirmohammad Kazemzadeh Norozi, Samaneh Hashemi, Atefeh Abedini
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):150-153

Bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy following anterior cervical surgery subsequent to contralateral apical lung radiotherapy

Timothy Woodacre, Nooshin Jahromi, Geraldine Goh, Thomas Clifton, David Dillon
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):154-156

Drug induced erythema multiforme of the oral cavity

Nalini Aswath, Rajalakshmi Rakshana
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):157-160

Hypoxic ischemic brain injury with status myoclonus in a case with post-operative massive pulmonary thromboembolism: A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

Ritwick Mondal, Somesh Saha, Shramana Deb, Rahul Jain, Arindam Maitra, Manoj Mahata
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):161-169

Post-polypectomy coagulation syndrome: a tricky to diagnose hot snare problem that can be eliminated thanks to cold snare revolution

Maria Zachou, Konstantinos Pikramenos, Georgios Mpetsios, Efthimia Lalla, Maria Panoutsakou, Konstantinos Varytimiadis, Panayiotis Karantanos
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):170-172

New onset severe ulcerative colitis following Ixekizumab therapy

Alina Mihaela Morosanu, Ioana Ruxandra Mihai, Ioana Irina Rezus, Otilia Gavrilescu, Mihaela Dranga, Cristina Cijevschi Prelipcean, Catalina Mihai
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):173-176


Gut-brain axis: Review on the association between Parkinson’s disease and plant lectins

Kayvon Moin, Carly Funk, Meagan Josephs, Kyle Coombes, Madeleine Yeakle, Dhir Gala, Mohammad Ahmed-Khan
Arch Clin Cases 2022; 9(4):177-183