Case Reports

Adjustment of radial forearm free flap design around self-inflicted wrist wounds

Zoey E Morton, Paul L Davis, Robert O Brown, Walsh Thomas
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):94-99

Hypofibrinogenemia and miscarriage: report of a first successful pregnancy under fibrinogen substitution and short review of the literature

Christoph Sucker, Christof Geisen, Ursula Schmitt, Bartosz Zawislak
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):100-103

Autoimmune myasthenia gravis after COVID-19 in a triple vaccinated patient

Cristina-Georgiana Croitoru, Dan Iulian Cuciureanu, Iulian Prutianu, Petru Cianga
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):104-107

A case report of pyogenic sacroiliitis in a 9-month-old child

Sarah Thomas, Saira Haque, Trisha Radia
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):108-111

Accordion sign in COVID 19 related acute myocarditis, an old sign for a novel context? A cardiac magnetic resonance case series report study

Francesco Mangini, Elvira Bruno, Robert W.W. Biederman, Roberto Del Villano, Roberto Rosato, Eluisa Muscogiuri
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):112-116

Septic shock from multiple intra-abdominal Streptococcus constellatus abscesses unamenable to percutaneous drainage

Faraz Badar, Aqsa Ashraf, Shaheryar Usman, Asma Iftikhar
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):117-120

Pituitary hypoplasia and growth hormone deficiency in a patient with Coffin-Siris syndrome and severe short stature: case report and literature review

Stefana Catalina Bilha, Laura Teodoriu, Cristian Velicescu, Lavinia Caba
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):121-125

Amiodarone induced lung disease

Cristina Elena Mitrofan, Aurelia Cretu, Costica Mitrofan, Camelia Bar, Cristina Mihaela Ghiciuc
Arch Clin Cases. 2022; 9(3):126-132