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Peri-implant fractures have gained increasing importance in orthopedics as the number of surgical procedures involving orthopedic implants rises globally. These fractures pose a significant challenge in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and postoperative management. They manifest as stress fractures distal to the implant site. Developing an effective treatment strategy involves evaluating multiple influencing factors. This article presents a rare case of a peri-implant distal radius fracture in a 63-year-old man, with no comorbidities, resulting from a car accident, classified as C1U in the Michele D’Arienzo system. The surgical intervention included plate fixation for the radius and wire fixation for the ulna. The wire was used for ulna instead of a plate, due to skin injuries, with good results. As life expectancy rises and individuals remain active in their elder years, the incidence of peri-implant fractures is expected to increase. Factors such as the implant type, surgeon's approach, and patient-specific elements may influence peri-implant fracture occurrence. The widespread use of plate fixation for distal radius fractures may also contribute to a parallel increase in such fractures. Providing detailed context and specific case presentation allows better understanding and implications for clinical practice.



Peri-implant condition, Distal radius, Fracture, Implant

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Peri-implant distal radius fracture due to car collision. (2023). Archive of Clinical Cases, 10(3), Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(3):114-118.